Expect the unexpected possibilities in digital out of home

With AI revolution and Sigtal, we’re able to build stunning
digital signage solutions. Digital signage technovation that can respond based on external triggers, such as weather conditions , movement , and sensors.

In order to make a difference and inspire your customers , it is no longer sufficient to just display a slideshow of images or videos in a sequence. These days, you need to do something unique to stand out of the competition. Something that makes your business and your campaign unique from all other screens with messages that customers get bombarded with every day. This is where IoT and Sigtal Comes in.

Using Haiderbaba’s API and IoT devices, we’re able to dynamically change the content of screens based on external triggers. Depending on what vertical you are in, these triggers will vary. In retail for instance, it could be a rain or a heat wave temperature sensor that activates/de-activates a given campaign (perhaps for grabbing a chilled drink or staying hydrated) based on the weather.
Rain and temperature sensors are just some examples of what can be used in reactive digital signage. Another example would be proximity sensors. For instance, you can change the content when someone walks passes by the screen or display a particular advert depending on customers behavior or what he opts for.

With Sigtal There are no Limitations !