Android Digital Signage

1. Solution: RK3188/RK3288

2. Android OS 4.4/5.1/6.0


4. Flash 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB

5. WiFi 802.11b/g/n

6. Mobile network 3G/4G optional

7. Contents Management Software(CMS) optional

8. I/O interface: 3*USB, 1*SD card slot, 1*RJ45 port, HDMI output *1

All-in-one PC Windows/Linux

1. CPU: Intel Celeron J1900/Intel Core i3/i5/i7

2. Chipset: 1037U+NM70/Haswell-u

3. System memory: 2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB

4. SSD: 120GB/240GB; HD: 500GB/1TB

5. Input connectors: VGA/HDMI/USB/RJ45/Audio

6. Support OS: Win7/8/10, Linux (trial version or licenses)

7. I/O interface: 3*USB, 1*SD card slot, 1*RJ45 port, HDMI output *1

LCD Monitor Feature:

1. 7/24 hours design

2. Support devices: mini PC/computer/Android box/Raspberry PI/Media player box

3. I/O interface: VGA *1, HDMI *2, Audio in/out inputs, USB port(touch screen)

Plug And Play Advertising Display:

1. Auto playback and loop 1080P video/picture/music

2. Play from SD card reader/USB ports

3. Auto update contents from USB key to inserted SD memory card

4. Set time power ON/OF at specific time

5. Support rolling caption in different color and effect

6. Support minimum sound volume

7. Support portrait/landscape display

8. HDMI input for contents from other sources

9. I/O interface: 1*USB, 1*SD card slot, HDMI input *1

Technical Parameter