One-time investment, lifetime benefit:

  • Appearance shape, size, different module can be customized
  • Different designed enclosures can be customized exactly according to client requirements. The machine body and base color are optional.
  • Best replacement for roll up banner and led signs, cost-effective and cycle use.
  • Easy to replace acvertisements, saving man power

Lcd poster display features:

  • 7x24x365 keep working
  • Ultra-thin HD
  • flexible placement
  • HD picture quality
  • U disk playback

Intelligent display:

    • 1080P HD Quality
    • Accurate reproduction of real pictures
    • Intelligent Split screen
    • Time switch
    • Factory Outlets

Versions optional:

  • Standalone version: simple operation, plug and play
  • Android version: connect to internet, create ad content, remote update

Technical Parameter